Our vision emerged through a two year strategic visioning process completed in 2008. A short statement emerged from this process: Find a Home, Build a Life, Make a Difference

Our Vision

In response to God’s radical love and God’s glory, our vision is:
To be a people who invite others to join us as we

Find a home in Jesus Christ,
Build a life in him and
Make a difference in the kingdom of God in the world.

As we find a home in Christ, or better, as Christ finds a home in us, we then seek to build a life in Christ so that we can live out our faith and make a difference in the world. We give feet to our vision by exercising certain communal practices. We ask all members and attenders to engage in worship plus two other ministries at CPC: one for growth and community, and one for service and mission. There are many different avenues to find a home, build a life and make a difference at CPC. Explore our website to see what God might have in store for you.