Youth Ministry at CPC

exists to guide youth through the process of developing a vibrant, Christ-focused faith that will last a lifetime.  We encourage this discipleship through deep study of scripture, discussion about everyday issues facing youth and service opportunities that focus on relationships with those we serve.  Additionally we also work to connect youth with faithful adults throughout our congregation so that they have mentors in the faith besides their parents.   Our overall goal concentrates on helping youth become disciples who follow where Christ leads.  We take our relationships with others seriously and work to deepen and strengthen our love and support for one another. 

Youth Groups on  Sunday Nights:

 Middle School (grades 6-8) Oasis 5:00 - 6:30pm

High School (grades 9-12) Livewire7:00 - 8:30 pm

Summer Camps 2016

Middle School will be attending Forest Home June 19-24
High School will be on a mission trip to the Navajo Nation, July 30-August 6












Middle School Oasis (6th-8th grade)

Sunday mornings 10:10 am, Wednesday evenings 6:00 pm

We begin by taking the wholeness of the Bible more seriously.  We move beyond the Disney version of our childhood Bible stories.  While we start asking bigger and harder questions, we still play hard and have a blast doing it.  Middle School is a challenging time of life.  We recognize that and work to help each other understand that God is with us and so is the church.

Senior High Livewire (9th-12th grade)

Sunday mornings 10:10 am  Wednesday evening  7:45 pm

Livewire teens have defined the environment of our group with a "Who We Are" statement: We are a diverse, genuine group of mutual believers who love Christ, aiding each other in our faith and learning how to live for and through God, while embracing our differences and remaining friends outside the youth room. We are a place where anyone is welcome and we strive to embrace and welcome anyone who comes through our doors.