Make A Difference

Christ Presbyterian has partnered with programs and organizations that exist solely to Make A Difference in the quality of life for people in need of support.  In addition to that support, these connections allow each of us a chance to share our stories of Christ with those who have been too hungry to hear, too tired to speak or too oppressed to find joy.   


The CPC mission committee strives to live out the words of Micah 6:8 as we seek justice, mercy and compassion for those in need locally and globally, at all times with humility and gratitude for all that God makes possible.

Opportunities abound for you to use your gifts!  As part of our community practice of "worship plus 2" all members and regular attendees are encouraged to be part of worship, plus two other CPC ministries, one to grow spiritually through learning and community and one to make a difference through mission and service. 


Opportunities to make a difference on our church campus.

In our community

Opportunities to make a difference in the San Diego area.

World Wide
Opportunities to make a difference in other countries.