What We Believe

Christianity is a relationship with God.  God created a good world but we so often mess it up.  Even our best human efforts fall short.  We often turn away from our maker.

Yet we believe that God is relentless in pursuing us.  The Bible carries that story and culminates in Jesus of Nazareth, who embodied the kingdom of God in his teaching and actions.  Jesus, through his death and resurrection, is the ultimate bridge of healing and reconciliation between us and God and between warring tribes of humanity.

The risen Christ calls us to thrive in resurrection lives of joy, meaning, community and service.  God never lets us go and wants to use us to bring that message to others.

CPC is associated with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. You can read more about the beliefs and practices of the Presbyterian denomination here.  As a congregation we profess a number of Christian Creeds including;

Brief Statement of Faith: created in 1986 upon the reunion of the northern and southern Presbyterian denominations.

Apostle's Creed: · one of the earliest and simplest professions of the Christian faith.

Nicene Creed: from the 4th century

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